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Who we are

About Us

Our History

Founded in 2012, TEIAS DE LONA was born from the desire of not to drop this noble art of weaving heavy canvas. Taking advantage of the closure of an old factory, the current administration, decides to recover the old looms (some over 70 years) and invests in the recovery and consequent production of heavy canvas oriented to the segment of home textiles and accessories. The driving force is not mass production of fabrics, but production with quality, where the main element is tradition, where every meter has in it the weight of history, years and years of weaving and affection of dedicated hands, passionate about art.

Our Vision

TEIAS DE LONA, draws its strategic vision aimed for constantly improving the quality of its products together with employees, partners and customers. In the development of successful partnerships and in line with the real needs of each project, we seek innovation, trust and rigor as reference values.

What we have done



Teias de Lona, will be present in another edition of MUNICH FABRICS START AUTUMN.WINTER18/19 in September. We will present our proposals for the next stations. New colors, new qualities, new …


A Teias de Lona, will be present in another edition of THE LONDON TEXTILE FAIR, on 19th/20th july. The fair offers you the opportunity to see a wide range of …

Teias de Lona weaves the future

“With a foot in the past, but with eyes set on the future, Teias de Lona is using ancestral technology to produce top quality fabrics for clothing and decorative items, …